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 04/26/2017 - 00:04
Asll operating system


Windows Operating System
Change Windows System Password Without Using Current Password :  
As We Know That We Need Current Password To Change The System Password But There Is A Trick To Change The System Password With Out Using Current Password.  

Just Follow The Simple Steps :  

1. Right Click On Computer

2. Manage [ Run > compmgmt.msc ]

3. Local User And Group

4. User

5. Right Click On Target User

6. Set Password

7. Proceed

8. Enter New Password..

9. Done..  

Crack Windows System Log In Password :  

You can trace the password of any computer system using OPH Crack..    
Its A Linux Based Live OS.. OPH Crack Works On The Concept Of Brute Force Attack. It Makes All The Combination Of Keys From You Keyboard And Matches To SAM File Where Password Of Windows Is Saved. It Matches 7 Lakh Passwords In A Second..  
How To Use OPHCrack?  
Simply download the Ophcrack ISO and burn it to a CD (or load it onto a USB drive via UNetbootin). Insert the CD into a machine you would like to gain access to, then press and hold the power button until the computer shuts down. Turn the computer back on and enter BIOS at startup. Change the boot sequence to CD before HDD, then save and exit.  
The computer will restart and Ophcrack will be loaded. Sit back and watch as it does all the work for your. Write down the password it gives you, remove the disc, restart the computer, and log in as if it were you own machine.  
Download OPH Crack : http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net   


Linux operating system
Linux is an operating system which is quickly gaining popularity in mainstream, but not so common that you’re likely to come across it. Though Mac and Linux are both based on UNIX, it is easier to change the password in Linux than it is OS X.  
To change the password, turn on the computer and press the ESC key when GRUB appears. Scroll down and highlight ‘Recovery Mode’ and press the ‘B’ key; this will cause you to enter ‘Single User Mode’.  
You’re now at the prompt, and logged in as ‘root’ by default. Type ‘passwd’ and then choose a new password. This will change the root password to whatever you enter. If you’re interested in only gaining access to a single account on the system, however, then type ‘passwd username’ replacing ‘username’ with the login name for the account you would like to alter the password for.  


Finally we take on Mac’s OS X which as we said earlier is based on UNIX and is difficult to change password compared to Linux but nothing is impossible to be hacked.  
The easiest method would be to use Ophcrack on this also as it works with Mac and Linux in addition to Windows. However, there are other methods that can be used, as demonstrated below.  
If the Mac runs OS X 10.4, then you only need the installation CD. Insert it into the computer, reboot. When it starts up, select UTILITIES > RESET PASSWORD. Choose a new password and then use that to log in. If the Mac runs OS X 10.5, restart the computer and press COMMAND + S. When at the prompt, type :  
fsck -fy mount -uw / launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.DirectoryServices.plist dscl . -passwd /Users/UserName newpassword

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