How to Send Fake Mail to some One

 09/08/2017 - 05:57
fake mailer

Note: This information is only for educational purpose.

This is a small method but with this u can do Many tasks u can use it for…fun & for harming some one also For Example  You can send a mail to your friend with this E-Mail address:- BillGates@microsoft.com so now here is the method.

There are many websites that can help to you send fake mails to anyone ,here are some websites listed below:




Mostly I use www.anonymailer.net website

Step1:- From Name:- Write any fake name like Bill Gates

Step2:- From E-mail:- Fake email from the email sent.

Step3:- To :- address whom you want to send mail

Step4:- Subject::- Its same like the Subject like yahoo,gmail.

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