How to Use metasploit and Nmap for control Victim PC

 04/03/2017 - 06:22
How to Use metasploit and Nmap for remote control Victim PC

First download Metasploit  from the official website,Link:


How to Use metasploit


Let  all that install, and towards the end of the installation it will ask if you would like Nmap installed also, choose yes. Once you have that installed the  Metasploit screen will  open up as shown below...


Now  type  db_create

Once  you  have  typed  that  type  nmap

You need to configure your scan now, I usually do a simple -sT -sV scan which will tell us the open  ports  and  services  running  on  the  victims  computer,  Now  type  nmap  -sT  -sV xxx.xxx.xxx.x  (X's  being  victims  Ip  number),  Demonstrated  below.

Now give it 5 minutes to complete the scan,Once that is complete if your lucky you should get a  result.

This is basically a list of the open ports and services running on the target machine,Now the handy  feature  of  the  metasploit  3.3  framework  is  the  autopwn  feature, this  basically searches  and  runs  all  matching  exploits  in  the  Metasploit  database  against  the  target machine  and  if  successful  will  create  a  shell  or  similar  privilege  for  the  attacker.
Now  once  you  have  the  nmap  results  delivered  back  to  you  showing  the  ope n  ports  and services type db_autopwn  -p -t -e , From this point you will either have access to the victims computer  through  a  successfully  launched  exploit  or  you  will  get  a  response  saying  the machine  wasn't vulnerable  to  any of  the  exploits in  the  Metasploit database.  Unfortunately on this particular machine I found it wasn't vulnerable as the image below proves.Good luck.



Result of Metalsploit




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