How to Creating Metallic Type in photoshop part two

 06/11/2017 - 20:28
creating metallic type in photoshop

6.Fill path.
Once you have the path completed, create a new layer and fill the path with a color. This can be done in many ways. I prefer to simply click on the Fill Path button at the bottom of the Path palette. Which color you use is irrelevant because you will be overriding it later.  

Once you have the path completed

7.Add drop shadow.
Double click (Mac) or Alt-Double click (Win) on the layer in the Layers palette with your logo to bring up the Layer Style dialog box. Steps 7–10 will be done in this dialog box.
In the Layer Style dialog box, choose Drop Shadow. Adjust it however you wish.

8.Add bevel and emboss.
Click on Bevel and Emboss. Choose Chisel Hard for the Technique and pump up the Depth.

Click on Bevel and Emboss

9.Add gradient overlay.
Select Gradient Overlay. Click on the gradient to bring up the Gradient Editor. Choose the gradient type that looks like the reflections used in metallic type.
When you choose a particular gradient it appears in the Editor box. You can now adjust the gradient in any way you want. Clicking the paint wells below the gradient allows you to move their position or change their color in the settings area. Clicking below the gradient where there is no well will automatically insert a new well. The wells along the top of the gradient control opacity.

Select Gradient Overlay

10.Adjust the angle.
Once you have the gradient you want, click OK to exit the Editor. Back in the Layer Style dialog, adjust the Angle so the gradient intersects the logo at the right angle to simulate the reflections in the metal.

11.Add Stroke.
Finally, choose Stroke to add an edge to the logo. Click OK to exit the Layer Styles dialog.
You are now done.

Stroke to add an edge

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