How to Creating smoke effects in photoshop part two

 06/12/2017 - 00:17
smoke effects in photoshop

3.Build up a more complex effect.
Repeat as many times as desired keeping separate elements on separate layers.

4.Reposition the elements.
Use the Move Tool to reposition select elements. Use Free Transform (Edit > Free Transform) to scale or distort select elements.

to scale or distort select elements.Use Free Transform

5.Create a halo.
Turn off the Background Layer. Create a new layer and place it at the bottom of the Smoke Layer Set. Hold the Alt and Ctrl keys (Windows) or Option and Command keys (Mac OS) and select Merge Visible. This copies all the visible information from multiple layers onto the one layer you have targeted, without flattening your image. Use the filter Gaussian Blur to blur this layer. Lower its opacity as desired. Repeat if necessary.

Create a new layer and placebottom of the Smoke Layer Set

6.Optionally, add noise.
At the top of the Smoke Layer Set, create a new layer filled with 50% gray, set to Overlay mode, and filter it with either Noise or Grain. Reduce Opacity and Saturation as desired.

7.Import the effect into a new destination.
Drag and drop the Smoke Layer Set into a new destination. Modify position and opacity as desired. Further distortion may be desired. Elements within a single Layer Set can be shuffled and recombined to create multiple effects that have varied appearances.

For added realism you may combine these effects along with photographs of smoke. Any file of smoke photographed on a black background can quickly generate yet one more element (albeit an element with a great deal of complexity) for your final effect. Starting with the photograph, load any channel of the photograph as a selection (click the selection icon in the Channels palette), using any selection tool drag and drop the resulting selection into a desired destination, create a new layer, Add a Layer Mask, and fill the layer with white. Scale, distort, reduce opacity of this layer mask—in short, modify as desired.
Experimentation is not only required here, it’s highly enjoyable.
You will quickly find yourself enchanted by smoke. While captivated by that enchantment, you may find that new source of power and poetry will enter your images.

Drag and drop the Smoke Layer

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