How to Hide keyloggers in a .jpg file

 04/01/2017 - 00:23
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Note : Only For Educational Purpose.>!!!

Through this trick you can easily hide keyloggers.
First download any key logger from google  i think  Ardamax is best.

After installing just follow these easy steps=>

  • Firstly, create a new folder and make sure that the options 'shownhidden files and folders' is

checked and „hide extensions for known file types‟ is unchecked
Basically what you need is to see hidden files and see the extension
of all your files on your pc.

  •  Paste a copy of your server on

the new created folder. Let's say it's called 'server.exe' (that's why
you need the extension of files showing, cause you need to see it
to change it)

  •  Now you‟re going to rename

this 'server.exe' to whatever you want, let‟s say for example

if you really want to change this extension from exe to jpeg, click YES.

  •  Now create a shortcut of this 'picture.jpeg' in the same folder.


  •  Now that you have a shortcut, rename it to whatever you want, for example, 'me.jpeg'.


  •  Go to properties (on file me.jpeg) and now you need to do some changes there.


  •  First of all delete all the text on field 'Start In' and leave it empty.


  • Then on field 'Target' you need to write the path to open the

other file (the server renamed 'picture.jpeg') so you have to
write this :-
'C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /

c picture.jpeg'


  •  The last field, 'c picture.jpeg' is always the name of the first file. If you called the first file 'soccer.avi'

you gotta write 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c soccer.avi'.


  •  So what you‟re doing is when someone clicks on 'me.jpeg', a

cmd will execute the other file 'picture.jpeg' and the server will run.

  •  On that file 'me.jpeg' (shortcut), go to properties and you have an

option to change the icon. Click that and a new window will pop
up and you have to write this :-
%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll . Then press OK.


  •  You can set the properties 'Hidden' for the first file

picture jpeg if you think it‟s better to get a connection from


  •  But don‟t forget one thing, these 2 files must always be

together in the same folder and to get connected to someone they
must click on the shortcut created not on the first file. So rename the

files to whatever you want considering the person and the
knowledge they have on this matter.


  •  For me for example I always want the shortcut showing first so can be the first file to be

opened. So I rename the server to 'picture2.jpeg' and the shortcut to 'picture1.jpeg'.
This way the shortcut will show up first. If you set hidden
properties to the server picture jpeg then you don‟t have
to bother with this detail but I‟m warning you, the hidden file will
always show up inside of a Zip or a Rar file.


  •  So the best way to send these

files together to someone is compress them into Zip or Rar.

  •  inside the Rar or Zip file you can see the files properties and

even after all this work you can see that the shortcut is
recognized like a shortcut but hopefully the person you sent this
too doesn‟t know that and is going to open it.

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