How to use Havij for Sql Injection

 04/05/2017 - 16:24
Havij Sql Injection

Note : Only For Educational Purpose.>!!!

Just Follow these easy steps :-
1. First download havij from here

2.  Run Havij SQL Injection software and copy and paste vulnerable website link

3. Now click in the ― nalyze‖ Button

4. Then It shows some messages there. Be alert on it and be show patience for sometime to find it‘s vulernable and type of      injection and if db server is mysql and it will find database name Then after get it‘s database is name like xxxx_xxxx

5. Then Move to another operation to find tables by clicking ―tables‖ as figure shown Now click ―Get tables‖ Then wait some time if needed

6. After founded the tables ,you can see there will be ―users‖ Put mark on it and click in the ‖ get columns ‖ tab

7.  In that Just put mark username and password and click ―Get data‖

8. Finally you got now username and password of the admin

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