How to Make Bootable Windows 8 USB Drive

 04/03/2017 - 17:15
Bootable windows


Windows 8 has made a grand and promising entry in the market as increasing
number of users are going to benefit with this operating system. The highly
sophisticated way of installing the operating system is by taking the assistance
of bootable USB drive.

If you have not yet downloaded then download windows 8 now.
Motherboards these days support boot options and hence, it is necessary to arm our
esteemed users the correct method to make one. Although, market is flooded with
free softwares which people can use to make these drives, but hardly any one is
able to function properly. Hence, it necessitates to tell you an effective, hassle free
and effective method so that USB is easily created.  

There are many ways to make a bootable USB/Pendrive.Here we will be
discussing an easy way and also the old traditional way which is a little
complicated method to create a Bootable Pendrive.After making a bootable drive

then the process to install windows 8 is very simple.  

1.Installing Windows 8 Using WinToBootic:

WinToBootic indeed works amazingly well as it creates pen drive bootable by which windows 8 can be installed without any sort of problems or worries.

Following are the ways to install it:

  •  It is important to download WinToBootic and get the program installed
  • Now, as you run the program, there will be a window which will pop similar

to what has been show in the figure below

wintobootin step first

This is the time when the software is going to detect the thumb drive. If in case it
does not, then you need to go to drop down and select your source by clicking on
arrow . One thing you need to make sure is that your thumb drive is formatted in
NTFS format. It can be easily done at the start of computer (START+E). Thereby,
click right on thumb drive. After all, you need to click on format and choose NTFS

mode and finally by clicking on “OK” you will format the drive very easily and
convincingly as well.
As you drag iso file onto it, it  will look similar to the figure below

Wintobootic Step secong


Now, the moment you click “Do it”, there will be a pop up which is shown below.
You have to be quite sure that your drive is correct and that every thing is in order
as well. 

Wintobootin step3

Now, after you click “OK”, the process will start and the software is going to copy
Windows 8 to the pen drive.
There are more installing pictures in order to help you understand in a clear and
concise way as well.   

wintobootin step four

wintobootin step 5   


2.Hence, you will be able to install windows 8 from the bootable usb drive.

Traditional old Method to create a bootable USB Drive:
You need the following things
4 GB+ USB flash drive
Windows 8 ISO file or DVD
A PC with Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 OS

1. Now, as all the items are available, you need to access your drive and ensure
backup of those files which were previously on the drive


2. Secondly, you need to Navigate to Start> All Programs> Accessories, thereby
click on Command Prompt and finally select Run as administrator. Click on
“Yes” if you receive UAC prompt.  

cmd run as administrator


3. This specific task can be accomplished as you type “cmd” in the start menu
search box along with pressing Ctrl+ Shift + Enter


4. As soon as the command prompt is up and running in the following way, press
Windows 8 DISKPART   

command console step one

command console step two

5. The next step is to type in LIST DISK and for checking disk number
for your connected USB, you need to hit Enter. In order to help you
understand a bit more clearly, I have used my USB drive as “1”. You can
crosscheck for the correct drive against their sizes” 

command console step five 

command console step three


You need to make utmost sure that DISKPART in any case has detected USB flash
drive. However, if it has not been detected or you are facing any sort of problem,
then the best thing you can do is to reconnect your USB by following the aforesaid
steps once again.
Following are the list of commands which you have to run and hit “Enter” after
each of them so that it can easily be able to run:

SELECT DISK 1 (your USB disk number might vary)
(The time varies as it depends on the size of the drive)

command console step six   

Now, you need to proceed towards the next step. You do not have to close the
command prompt window.
6. In order to access the windows 8 ISO file, you have to mount it to virtual drive

As soon as the ISO is mounted, you need to take note of the drive letter for the
virtual drive  
If in case you have a bootable windows 8 disk, then insert it in cd tray and write
down the letter for the drive it leads onto  

7. Now, type in the following after re opening the command prompt window  
G: CD BOOT and click on enter. (“G” stands out for your DVD drive letter
or mounted virtual drive letter)
CD BOOT and click enter.  

8. It is almost completed. Now simply type in BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 J: (“J”
stands for you USB flash drive letter and it is easily found in explorer) and now
simply hit Enter Key 

command console step seven

command console step eight   

9. Now the time has come for you to open Windows 8 cd and you have to copy the
content to root folder of your boot USB    

window explorer
It is to be noted that in order to boot from a USB, you have to make this option
active by going to BIOS settings which is there on the target system.

3.There is also the second method which will ease you even further.

  • Firstly get the backup of your data to a removable media 
  • As it is done, next step for you is to download and run it as administrator. 
  • It is the time for you to choose the flash drive which you are looking to make

bootable. All you have to do is to select your file system FAT32 or NTFS,  do
not forget to “check format box” and also take a note of the “create a bootable
disk using Ms-dos”. Finally, you need to also check “create extend label and
icon files”.



  •  Now, you have to click on DBD drive logo which is next to option of “create a
  • bootable disk using” and browse 8 ISO file.  Finally, as you click on start button, you will get to see a warning window,
  • click ok and windows will automatically start the transfer of ISO files to USB  


 All you need to do is to configure your Boot options in your BIOS settings and the
set up is going to start as you select the Boot first priority to USB HDD.

Finally, these stand out to be the easy and simply methods of installing windows 8
from pen drive. Hopefully, you will not have any sort of problems while installing
it. You need to read it again, if in case you happen to find any sort of
problems. Finally, you get the fruits of your patience and hard work and your
bootable USB is created. Great isn’t it?  

warning for formatting

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