How to Shuffle Desktop Background or Slideshow wallpaper

 12/24/2017 - 03:26
Desktop Background

Windows 7 has a new feature which can display all wallpapers
in a desktop Slideshow. Earlier there were few software that
can display a slideshow of all your Wallpapers (Webshots being
one of the most popular). To setup a desktop slideshow:

1.  Right-click at the desktop

2.  Select Personalize > Desktop Background

desktop background control panel

Here you can browse the Picture location to select a folder
to choose images for desktop slideshow.

choosing desktop background

3.  Select and click as many images from the folder you want for
    desktop slideshow.
4.  Duration of slideshow can be chosen (anything from daily to once
    every 10 seconds), also order of appearance can be selected as
    sequential or shuffle.

select background wallpaper

Click Save Changes and enjoy the Slideshow.   

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